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Establish authority as the premier solution in your market through content production

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Make your marketing dollars work for you. Have your content generate quality clients 24/7

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The truth is, you work hard. You made sacrifices to grow your real estate business. And you’ve done the work to create a better financial future for yourself and your family. Plus, you never want to go back to being in the rat race.

Yet, despite all the time (and money) you’ve already devoted — it still seems like your working longer hours to expand your company. But, you’re not quite seeing the results.

For many people, it’s grown challenging to:

  • Advertise your business in a persuasive way while staying compliant

  • Pour money into a results-driven marketing strategy that doesn’t blow your budget

  • Keep up with the constant changes of the online marketing world

But, let’s be honest, can you carve out more time to learn this yourself? If you did have the time, you would have learned this already. And now, you’re missing out on a world of potential clients because your marketing’s failing you.

How to Create a Remarkable Online Presence

If you want to earn more revenue while still maintaining the integrity of your company….

(As a marketer who’s managed over $122M in advertising) I’d strongly recommended you:

  • Have an information packed website complete with inbound marketing

  • Maintain an exceptional online marketing strategy geared towards your specific audience

  • Have trustworthy content (blogs, emails, and more!) loaded with brain-based marketing words that grab attention and fill your pipeline with quality leads

You may or may not have realized (when you do this properly) the power behind persuasive content to grow your business.

Through the use of blog posts, articles and persuasive emails, you could be offering expert advice, establishing yourself as a thought leader, and adding constant credibility to your name.

That’s where I come in

Hi I’m Amber Butler a real estate freelance sales persuasion copywriter

And I help real estate businesses grow through persuasive content designed to: generate quality leads, position you as a thought leader and save you time so that you can get back to doing what you love in your business while enjoying your life.



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How to Make Creative Real Estate Emails That Generate Quality Leads

5 Best Ways Copywriting Can Help You Get Hard Money Leads

5 Best Ways Copywriting Can Help You Get Hard Money Leads


How to Get Help With your Inbound Marketing


Services And Rates

I offer web content that sparks interest to get your content read AND motivate potential clients to act. I develop each piece using my exclusive exploration to optimization process; And strategically place well-researched key phrases throughout your content so that Google views you as a trusted authority.

Here’s a peek into the process I’d do for you:

1. Consumer research — You’ll have cutting edge content based on your current market

2. Search engine optimization — You’ll have content crafted for Google’s search results

3. Article topic pitches — So you know your articles are topics your audience wants to read

4. Title optimization and Persuasion Integration — You’ll have custom-content engineered to attract clicks, keep eyeballs on your content and get your potential client to act

5. Easy to read formatting — You’ll have content that easy to read by your readers and Google

6. Royalty free photography — Designed to make your content always look professional

7. Outsourced editing - You’ll get an extra pair or eyes on your content to make sure it’s error free!

Most important, I do the work for you. And every piece of content’s engineered with your goals in mind.

my price ranges for content are as follows…

Web page content: Beginning at $1200

Sales Pages/Direct Mail Pieces: Beginning at $250

Landing Pages: Beginning at $250

Email Sequences and Newsletters: Beginning at $200 per email

Blogs: $200

***Ask me about monthly retainer packages to get each piece of content at a decreased price*

No blood-oath contracts — Cancel at any time.


About Me


Hi, I’m Amber Butler, a freelance Real Estate sales copywriter.

I’ve loved real estate from a young age; picture me 8 years old bopping around with my grandpa asking for a snack every five seconds while we check on his rental properties around town. I started a real estate investing/agent business at 21 and had all the marketing templates I could handle. But, those templates stopped working as the market shifted. This made me dive head first studying all things real estate AND marketing so that in any market, I’d help professionals turn a profit.

When you work with me, you’ll have the combined experience of an:

  • A strategic inbound marketer who’s created marketing strategies for real estate marketing companies (not kidding!),

  • A marketer whose managed $122 Million worth of marketing

  • An MBA (Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing)

Do you want help with your inbound marketing? Let’s Chat




How To Get In Contact With Me


If you’re ready to have a chat about your content strategy, I invite you to  schedule your 15-minute consult

In 15-minutes we’ll discuss the steps of your inbound marketing strategy:

  1. Your goals – More leads? Higher income? More personal time? Retirement?

  2. Your website & web content – How we’ll demonstrate your potential clients your expertise

  3. Your SEO – How well are you ranking in local Google searches?

  4. Inbound marketing content – I pitch articles, blogs, client testimonial case studies, social media presence and come up with a long-term plan.

  5. How I can save you time! You have a full-time job – marketing yourself should not add to your workload. With efficient check-ins you tell me what you want and I do the work to find the most effective way to achieve those goals.

Or Send me an email at