How to Make Creative Real Estate Emails That Generate Quality Leads

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels any company can use to generate quality leads. 

It’s more effective than paid advertising, digital media such as banner ads, print and the list goes on.

It can explode the growth of your business.

However, when you don’t use email marketing in the proper way… You can have people unsubscribing left and right, marking your emails as spam, and leaving you wondering what you did wrong wrong. 

How often you send your emails to your email list (along with the type of content you send) matters. But, what’s most important of all is the copy. When your copy is written persuasively to your audience it can mean a huge jump in revenue. 

I’ve heard of copywriters getting 62% open rates AND 20% of their email list becoming a customers. On the other hand, I’ve also heard of businesses spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising… Getting less than 10% in open rates and only 0.5% of their email list becoming a client.

Being a marketer myself who’s worked on dozens of campaigns and an expert copywriter… I know persuasive copy when I see it. (When I do see a business that does great copy I love to study it. That way, I can continue to compile the best pieces of information into content for you as a reader.) 

I look at it like this. If your copy you can get me to respond, that’s a dang good piece of copy. I can say with all sincerity that most businesses are doing their email marketing all wrong. 

I’ve seen businesses make the mistake of...

  • Using sleazy sales tactics in every single email

  • Sending the exact same automated email over and over again - Until the person either opt’s out or opens it. Which one do you think they choose?

  • Only emailing their list when they’re sending a newsletter that does nothing, but pitch their services

And the list goes on….

If you’ve made some of these mistakes I’ve listed...have no fear. There’s hope. And if you’re wondering, ‘how do I use email to build my real estate business?’ Here are three of my favorite key ways to make your emails more persuasive to skyrocket your metrics and fatten your wallet.

Use Catchy Subject Lines

This is the first tip because it’s the most important. If you’re subject lines aren’t persuasive, then your emails won’t get opened. Your subject line has to make them want to open your email. 

I know that many agents and lenders simply don’t have the time to spend crafting a pretty email with a unique subject line. But it’s so important. 

Think about it…

Do you know most people get 100 emails a day? That means you have to stand out among all the other people that are also trying to sell to them on paying attention to their message.

Their boss is trying to sell them on opening their email. Their friends or parents are trying to sell them on responding to their text. On top of that you have other smart marketers spending millions in advertising (and performing focus groups to research the exact message that will resonate)… All to capture your client’s attention. 

And think about it. You’re not simply selling them on your services. You’re selling them multiple times. 

  • You’re selling them on your email being worth them taking the time out of their busy day to read what you’re saying

  • Then, you’re selling them on getting them to finish reading the email

  • Finally, you’re selling them on getting them to take action in the email. Whether it’s to pick up the phone and call you… click a button… go to your landing page… and more! 

The subject line is so important that when I write an email, I personally write 37 subject lines before I pick which one I’m going to use for my clients. I’m not saying you have to write 37 subject lines like I do, but at the very least you should be writing 10. Because if not you could be wasting your time on email marketing altogether.

Build a relationship first

If you hold the coveted spot of being in someone’s email inbox they manage (and isn’t somewhere they store all their junk)… that means that person wants to hear from you! And you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t put your message in front of them. But at the same time, you’re also doing them a disservice if every time you email them, you’re selling to them without the important ingredient of connection. 

Your emails should be centered on building a connection with your client first. I’m not saying don’t sell. If you’re using persuasive writing with high level marketing principles built-in, you’ll know when’s the right time to sell. You can still sell while building connection at the same time. And if you’re wondering how best to build connection in your emails move onto the next step which it is...

Share Stories

Tell stories they want to hear. People love hearing stories. So if you have a case study, perhaps a client you worked with who achieved stellar results you’d like to share, or even something crazy that happened to you that your ideal client would relate to... it’s OK to share it. 

Your first gut instinct may be to fight this because you’re a professional business. But professional doesn’t have to mean stuffy and boring. 

A great example of a company who puts out good persuasive engaging copywriting is the financial website Motley Fool. (I encourage you to get on their email list and read their emails. They do an excellent job of providing high-quality copy that’s professional, persuasive and exciting to read.)

So if you’re concerned you’re going to look too loose in your writing, don’t be. With the right level of persuasion as well as influence, you can build a great connection just by telling a story.


There you have it. Three wonderful ways that you can use email to your advantage in your real estate business. And if you’ve learned anything from this it’s to build connection first. Have headlines and subject lines that capture the attention of your ideal clients and don’t forget to tell a story. Remember, no matter what age they are, everyone loves a good story.